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Ho Chi Minh City Fuel Company, formerly known as Saigon Fuel Joint-Stock Company was founded in 1975 under the Department of Commerce Ho Chi Minh City with the task of organizing, reception and exploitation of fuel supply for human and civil agencies in HCM City unit.

To execute innovative policy of Communist Party and Government, 01/10/2000, the company convert official proprietary form from Government Enterprise to Joint-Stock Company with the name of Saigon Fuel Joint-Stock Company - SFC (under Dicision No. 70/2000/QĐTTg 20/06/2000 of The Prime Minister)

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Area of operations:
Trading gasoline, Diesel Oil, grease, gas (LPG)
Real Estate Investment - Trading Service – Projects
Finaccial  Investments

2008 : SFC had rated 135 ranking of top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprise by VNR500.
2009 : Stock brand reputation and top 100 brand listed of Vietnam.
2010: SFC had awarded The Second-class Labor Medal by Prime Minister of Government.

Business Results:
Capital: 112,915 billions of Vietnam Dollars
Revenue of 2013: 2.447,222 billions of Vietnam Dollars
Profit before tax of 2013: 26,410 billions of Vietnam Dollars
Profit after tax of 2013: 19,624 billions of Vietnam Dollars