Area of Operations

2Business Fuel
This is still the main activity of the Company during the 5 year plan (2013-2017), average annual revenue increase of at least 5%, in which the proportion of retail sales accounted for 80%.During the tenure, the Company reasonably calculated to capital investment to upgrade the petrol station business today to increase sales volume.

At the same time, the company continues to implement the policy of expanding the network of retail gasoline stations looking towards existing in Ho Chi Minh City and suburban areas for cooperation or long term lease.The plan from now until 2017, the company will grow an average of 1 year station to expand its retail network and replace the stations are cleared according to city planning.
dao-tao-bat-dong-san1Real Estate Business – Services
The company continues to service mining operation on the ground is.Sales Plan 2013 increased 38.12% respectively over the same period in 2012.The company closely cooperate with partners to bring Co.opMartBinh Trieu at 68/1 Highway 13, HiepBinhChanh, Thu Duc District in operation during the month 6/2013.Making plans, calculations and effective search partners to develop investment cooperation at 1A Pham Ngoc Thach - District 1, 18 Nguyen HuyTu - 1 and 784-786 HauGiang District - District 6 to increase revenue and profit for the company.
Efforts to implement all necessary measures to meet the regulations of the State (Decision of UBND.TP 17/2012/QD, and 107/CP Decree 84-CP of the Government, ...) with the objective to keep networks, stability and development of oil and gas business activities, the Company's viscosity.
HQO Tin tuc tai chinh ke toan 01Financial investments
The company ensures a balance of capital optimal way to meet the needs of business, and cash flow management to achieve the highest efficiency in financial operations.