History of Development

Established process

Formerly the fuel company in Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1975 with the mission function is to ensure delivery of fuel products in the city.

Implementing the policy management innovation of state-owned enterprises, the company responded fuel HCM pioneered to become one of the first business of the City People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for selected to carry out IPO (under Decision No. 4225/QD-UB-KT date 08/15/1998).

On 01.10.2000, the Company HCMC official fuel converted into Fuel Corporation Saigon (abbreviated SFC) under the Business Registration Certificate No. 4,103,000,145 by the Department of Planning and Investment HCMC. Minh first time on 01.09.2000 and signed up instead.

The important milestones


Marked an important turning point in the company's fuel HCM City, officially changed ownership from state-owned enterprises into joint-stock company called Fuel Corporation Saigon (write SFC for short).


Signed "Agreement gave priority to supply fuel choice" between Saigon Fuel Joint-Stock Company with BP Oil International Ltd. on 20/12/2001.


Saigon Fuel Joint-Stock Company officially participating stock exchanges dated 21.09.2004 (in today's Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Centre Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange), only 4 years after equitizated, with the SFC transaction code, was one of 20 companies on the first floor of City.


Saigon Trading Company (SATRA - formerly known as Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Commerce held) moved the capital to the state holding company Petroleum Limited Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon Petro) - unit under the Financial Management Committee Member of this Committee is the agency office and is now the City Commission to import petroleum prestige on the national gasoline market.
Also, in 2007, the company has successfully implemented the issuance of shares to increase its capital from 17 billions to 34 billions, bringing nearly 25 billions surplus capital, and increase the charter capital Company Limited Tan Phu Wood Processing (Subsidiary) from 7.9 billions to 10 billions.


Saigon Fuel Joint-Stock Company has completed two issuance of additional shares to increase its capital from 34 billions to 45.9 billions (dated 12/05/2009) and to 81 billions (Day 11/12 / 2009), and also increase the charter capital of the Company Limited Wood Processing Tan Phu from 10 billions to 18 billions.


To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the company and 10 years equitization, SFC has been conferred the President Medal Second-class Labor Medal.
Also in 2010, the company continued to issue additional shares to increase its capital from 81 billions to 102.7 billions.In addition, the Company established a new Branch Station Dong Thapincluding :  Station 22 and Station 23 in the town of Cao Lanh, Dong Thap province.


SFC began constructed main office building at 146E Nguyen DinhChinh Street, PhuNhuan District .At the same time the Company has completed the transfer procedures whole capital subsidiary - Company Limited Tan Phu Woodworking since 01/10/2011.


SFC has made groundbreaking ceremony and construction commenced Co-op Mart Supermarkets Binh Trieu at 68/1 Highway 13, HiepBinhChanh Ward, Thu Duc District 2 floors, total construction area of ​​6597.74 m2.At the time of the year has officially taken office building "SFC Building" at 146E Nguyen DinhChinh Street, PhuNhuan District.