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Why I Became a Special Education Teacher
05 | 09 | 2017 - 12:10 PM

Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, let alone a special education instructor. The latter takes a special kind of heart and a deep patience to work with those with mental or other disabilities. <a href=""></a> They also need to have a desire to help those students who lag cognitively behind others. Here are my reasons why I became a special education teacher. • Daily Rewards. This is not monetary rewards but those little pieces of encouragement that come when you see a child demonstrate an improvement in their knowledge, behavior, and attitude. • More Opportunities. While teachers are becoming more in demand all over the nation, special education positions have a greater shortage. This means more opportunities to find work and build your career. • More Valuable. By adding in special training, for example, special education, a teacher makes them more valuable to the school they are employed by. This increase of ability brings in other rewards as well. • Make an Impact. A special education teacher can make an impact on their students for their entire lives. This can be done in a variety of ways and depends on the type of student a teacher has and the abilities the students possess. Developing the students’ abilities will keep that teacher in the minds and hearts of their students forever. • Opportunities to Contribute. The chance at helping to develop different curriculum and teaching methods to help the special needs student is a great plus for the teacher. Being influential in how these children are taught is satisfying and a reward in itself. By broadening your contribution going beyond the classroom means you get to make a greater impact on special education and its students. • Helping Others. The experience you gain as a special education teacher allows you cialis 20mg to help others broaden themselves about the needs and abilities of the special education student. These others can include fellow teachers, administrators, education officials, as well as parents. This contribution will greatly expand and build a better educational system for special needs students. These are the reasons I became a special education teacher. The profession of teaching has many opportunities but being a special education teacher has opened up so many new doors for me that I am overwhelmed by the opportunities. There is one more reason why I became a special education teacher. I love the joy I feel when I am working with these students and seeing their faces glow when they discover that they can learn or accomplish new tasks. You cannot replace that joy with any other reward. As I said earlier, you need a special kind of heart and patience to be this kind of teacher but don’t worry if you do not have those abilities yet. They will grow on you as you spend more and more time with special needs students. You can develop them as you spend more time with your students. It may only take one or two exploratory classes to see if you can develop those abilities, equipped to teach those students and care for those students.

What’s an Inclusive Education
01 | 09 | 2017 - 11:03 AM

Inclusive education involves the process when children with and without special needs participate, and learn as together in the same classrooms. Studies reveal that students with special needs under inclusive education system can produce the best social and academic outcomes. Children with social needs have been isolated for a long time, and the society is used to the idea that special education means the separation of the students with specials needs from those without special needs. But it has become crystal clear that educating the children together great things happens for all the children involved. It is also evident that placing children with and without disabilities in the same classroom does not produce any positive results. A positive outcome in inclusive education is attained when there is continuous advocacy, support, planning, and commitments from the peers, educators, and cialis prix parents. The principles that guide the provision of quality inclusive education includes:  Inclusive education requires that all the children are treated the same. It is, therefore, based on the idea that every child is equally valued and deserves the same educational opportunities and experiences. Inclusive education is about building strong relationship and friendships just like everyone else in the society.  Inclusive education, in this case, is concerned with the provision of help as well as support to children participate and learns in thoughtful and meaningful ways. This system of education gives the peers and teachers an opportunity to produce the best in their daily services. The idea of inclusive education is to give as much help and support as needed.  Inclusive education is a right of children, not privileges. Under the Individuals with disability education act, all the children with special needs should be given the same education with none-special children of their age, and they should have access to the general education curriculum system.  The family’s vision of a typical life for their children can come our true. It is the wish of every parent to have their children accepted by their peers, lead a regular life and have friends. An inclusive education system ensures that this vision of the parents become a reality for many children with special needs.  Inclusive education system helps the children with special needs to build and develop a positive understanding of themselves and others. Attending regular classes gives the students an opportunity to reflect on the similarities and differences with others in the real world and learn to appreciate diversity. They also respect and understand others as they grow when children with different abilities and cultures learn and play together. In conclusion, all children and families benefit from inclusive education system as it allows them to develop individual strengths and appreciate every child they encounter in their daily life, improve on personal goals while participating with children of different abilities and cultures, involve their families in their education and activities in school, build a culture of respect and belonging by accepting individual differences, reducing the impact of bullying and harassment, build friendship and relationship with a wide variety of students, each with individuals needs and abilities, and positive impact the school and the community to accept and appreciate the diversity as well as inclusion at all levels.

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